happy campers

We’re D+K+E — a dad and two kids who started camping in late 2012.

At the moment K is nine, E is seven and D is incompetent.

This site will document our adventures and misadventures in the Australian bush. What we’re talking about here is amateur camping — low level, low cost, no frills and no skills.

We’ll be writing about our experiences, equipment and encounters with wildlife. We’ll share what we liked, what we loathed and what we learned. And, of course, we’ll be reviewing campsites.

Hopefully you’ll find our site interesting, informative and, perhaps, a little inspirational — encouraging you to try the camping thing yourself. It’s a great lifestyle choice — so do yourself (and your kids) a favour.

Other people blogging about camping around brisbane :

Pepper Pots : pepper-pots.com
The Lyons Den : kit-ecamping.blogspot.com.au
Hiking in SE Queensland : hikinginseqld.blogspot.com.au
Mel & Ted Paine : NannaPopQld

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1 thought on “happy campers

  1. What fun you guys are having, learning together! I can’t wait to read more of your adventures and hopefully use some of your information in choosing places to camp when we head your way sometime in the future! Keep up the good work!

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