lessons learned

We’re amateur campers making it up as we go along. With each experience we learn something new. We’ll be experts in no time … perhaps.

Lesson 01 — make sure you’ve got everything before you go — otherwise you and your child will go berko. (from experience 01)

Lesson 02 — make sure you know, before you leave home, how your equipment works and how to put things together. (from experience 01)

Lesson 03 — if you go walking in wet conditions, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get leeches. (from experience 01)

Lesson 04 — always remember to take your swimming kit — you never know when you’ll find an oasis. (from experience 02)

Lesson 05 — for sanity’s sake, make yourself a camping checklist. (from experience 02)

Lesson 06 — always take heaps of insect repellent — you never know when you will come under siege. (from experience 03)

Lesson 07 — always take your camera — there are bound to be memories you’ll want to capture. (from experience 03)

Lesson 08 — when checking off your camping checklist, make sure each item actually IS amongst your gear. (from experience 04)

Lesson 09 — things not going to plan is just part of the adventure. (from experience 04)

Lesson 10 — when jumping from a high point into a waterhole, always hold your nose to prevent the in-rushing water from washing your brains out through your ears. (from experience 05)

Lesson 11 — if you’re even remotely interested in half-decent photography, get yourself a tripod. (from experience 05)

Lesson 12 — big, popular campsite = more humans : more humans = more noise. (from experience 06)

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